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Hello everyone; I am a software engineer from China with over ten years of programming experience.

I have served as a senior data scientist at Alibaba, and now I am the Chief Architect in big data at a large domestic brokerage company.

1. What I do

* I am proficient in Python and web-based visualization technologies.

* I am very passionate about improving my programming skills.

* I also love exploring the inherent connections in data and discovering the stories behind the data.

2. Why I want to start writing

Investing in oneself is the best investment one can make, so I usually read many books.

However, efficient learning should involve input and output; at the same time, I want to share my many years of work experience in big data with everyone, helping us all to make progress together.

Writing is the most suitable way for me to share.

Writing doesn’t need to be rushed; I can calmly think and review every detail.

To make the knowledge rigorous, I need to consult a large amount of material, which will help me learn more, so I ultimately chose writing.

3. Why Medium

Where to write has always been a problem that bothers me. I should choose some domestic knowledge platforms for creation. Still, knowledge should serve more people, and I am also willing to exchange the latest technological developments with more peers.

Before, I saw an introduction by a peer about Medium’s business model and technical atmosphere, and I thought, this is what I want, the place where I will devote my energy in the future. So, here I am.

4. What will I do next

I will set a goal for myself, such as writing at least one weekly article.

At the same time, I will also focus on the quality of the articles rather than the quantity. I will strive to interact with readers and answer questions; I aim to help everyone learn more and allow myself to learn better. In the following days, I will keep this goal in mind and welcome everyone to follow my latest progress.

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